Eskild Hustvedt

Fork it!

Gmbase is a simple members database written in C that uses GTK. It looks useful for small organizations, such as the local LUG I’m currently the leader of. However it lacked a few small functions, namely support for phone and e-mail entries. I mailed the original author about it, but he told me that he doesn’t develop it at all anymore and that if I want any added functionality I’ll hav to do it myself. Fair enough, only one problem…I don’t know that much C. I’ve done hello world ofcourse, but not too much other than that. Still, I thought I could at least give it a go and after alot of fiddling with it I actually managed to implement something new. So now I’ve forked gmbase and I’m calling it gmDB. I’ll release a alpha soon (calling it alpha since I don’t really know the programming language and then might need a bit of extra time for QA :P).