Eskild Hustvedt

School is over

…not officially this time either though. Tomorrow we have a «study day», which is just my schools excuse of giving us a day off without actually calling it a day off. then on Wed-Thu I’m going to be in Oslo for the OOo meeting. I’m suppose to go to school on Friday but I’m going to take a «study day» (ie. a day off) that day :), since there is absolutely no point at all in going. Then on Monday we’re suppose to be there 2-4 hours, hopefully it won’t be long. So in practice school is over for now. I really need this vacation, and I’m probably going to get to do a bit of Mandriva packaging this summer too in addition to the OOo work. I just got developer (read not write) access to beep-media-players CVS too :)

Right now I’ve got a really cute cat lying on my lap, it’s a young one, so it’s quite tiny, currently sleeping but it’s been most playful all day, it’s an orphan so a friend of mine is «raising» her (to put it like that). Nice kitty :)