Eskild Hustvedt

The Norwegian election - vote SV

If you live in Norway and are uncertain of what to vote then this might give you a hand. I am a socialist, and a member of SV.

So if you’re uncertain, please think about someone other than only yourself like the right hand side wants you to. There are more important things than cheap gasoline and lower taxes! Think about those that need healthcare, think about the children attending schools, think freedom and think peace.

Do you want to see children shut into a religious school where all they get is that there is nothing but one religion? Don’t you want children to see, to think and make their own opinions? Allow them to THINK for themselves, allow them to get better public schools that are not falling apart! Care about our elderly, we need more people nursing and helping them. They deserve a good offer for free public healthcare so that they can have the life they deserve. We need to support peace, not war. We must stop supporting the USA in their random wars, we need to support peace. Let’s get our troops out of Iraq and show them that we don’t support the murder of many people. One murder is a tragedy, and those responsible need to be put to trial so that we can have justice, right? Then why is not the murder of houndreds of innocents by american troops a tragedy?! Why don’t we put them to justice? Why do we support them? Would you give a weapon to a murderer? Ofcourse not! So let’s stop giving the murderer people to help him kill!

Norway needs to be independant of the EU, we need our own voice! Let’s not join this horror that is the european union, this that is turning into a second USA. We don’t need the united states of europe. We don’t need a european army! We don’t need a more free market! The world is not about money, it is about people and it is about life. This life may be human life, it may be animals. Whatever the life is we need to protect them. We need the nature, and we need animals. Let’s protect them! Because these days animals need protection, from what? FROM US. We are their enemies, we are the ones cutting down their home, burning it, killing them and using them as coats! We’re the ones that go into the forrest with a gun to kill a few animals for fun. Killing is a sport! When a human kills ten animals it’s sport. When one animal kills one human as self-defence it is slaughter and the animal must be killed immedietly. We need to protect the animals, and we need to live in peace with the world, ourselves and mother nature.

If these arguments did not catch your fancy, or you just plainly skipped them then I’m saving one more thing. Since you’re reading my blog you likely care about software freedom right? SV is going in for creating the worlds first government funded program for authors of open source software. They want to use more free software in the government and they want to take care of our privacy. We don’t need big brother, he doesn’t need to see us! They want to make it obligatory for the government to use open standards. You can find more information here.

If you’re still uncertain you can find more information on Sosialistisk Venstreparti’s website. For those of you interested but don’t know Norwegian, you can find some information on wikipedia and SV’s English information website.

Good luck, good election!