Eskild Hustvedt


GoldenPod is a podcast client written in perl by yours truly. It is backwards compatible with bashpodder and thus in theory all GUI’s written for bashpodder should work with goldenpod. In addition to simply downloading podcasts into directories named by date you also get podcasts sorted in a catalogue directory by the name of the podcast (as supplied in the RSS feed or if that is not available, goldenpod will make a guess based upon the filename) which makes it easier to locate older issues of a specific podcast.

GoldenPod also makes it easier to manage your podcasts and is portable music player friendly. It has a function that can copy N of the newest podcasts to the supplied directory. Example: goldenpod –files 4 –copy /mnt/removable/podcasts/ will copy the 4 newest podcasts to /mnt/removable/podcasts/. As 4 is the default it is the same as goldenpod –copy /mnt/removable/podcasts/

Along the same lines it can delete the N oldest podcasts. Example: goldenpod –files 4 –rmold As with –copy, 4 is the default. So the above example is the same as: goldenpod –rmold`.

Another nifty feature is that you can ignore a perl regular expression pattern when downloading, copying or deleting podcasts. This can also be set in the configuration file to ignore by default (however, the setting in the config file does not apply to --rmold, the commandline option does). Example:
`goldenpod --ignore-pattern '(foo|bar|baz)'

This will download all podcasts other than those matching the regular expression (foo|bar|baz), that is, all files that does not have either foo, bar or baz in their name.

For more information about goldenpod you can download it and read the readme and manpage. You can download it both in tar.gz and tar.bz2 from The latest release when I’m writing this is 0.4.

Please post supports requests at and not here. Easier to manage them at savannah.