Eskild Hustvedt

GFSGL 0.92.0 "White Teddybear"

Finally! It is released (well, a week ago, but still). Version 0.92.0 of my little child, GFSGL. Now it has a GTK2, GTK1 and KDE GUI using xmsg, a module system that allows easy extension of it, and a handfull of modules included by default (such as AutoAddGames which automatically detects and adds native GNU/Linux games to GFSGL) in addition to various modules available for download. GFSGL is a game manager, it makes it easier to install and run games under GNU/Linux and other *nix like operating systems. It does this by providing one unified interface that you can launch games that are native, wine, scummvm and so on from, and by allowing one-click installer launching. The module system makes it even easier to extend, and I’m hoping that someone will find the time to try to write some modules that they feel are needed.

More information can be found at the GFSGL website, in the release announcement and in the release notes/changelog. You can also look at some screenshots.