Eskild Hustvedt

I see a gnome on the horizon!

If you haven’t heard about Linus’ little outbreak on the gnome ML yet then I think you should get out from that rock and back to the real world (either that or you’re one of the few non-geeks that happen to pass by my blog :).

I like GNOME, but I don’t use it. I use XFce. But the reason I don’t use gnome is because of a personal preference - not because I’m a TROLL! In my opinion KDE is full of bloat (NO! Do not reply to this post yet), but that is a personal opinion. I can see why people want to use it, and I encourage people to use it - but I would not want to use it. Gnome’s policy of clean interfaces with as little junk as possible is excellent if you ask me. Something that shows gnome’s interface policy versus kde’s interface policy very well is a blog post by Adam Williamson (I think it was him). It was about kat versus beagle iirc - will try to find the link later. He makes a few good points in it. I would use a gnome app over a KDE app any day, and merely telling everyone to go use KDE over Gnome is madness! Because I don’t use or like KDE the entire world should switch to XFce? Ofcourse not! Different people like different interfaces - duh. Why not just butt out of what people use and let them use the programs that they like best? That’s part of the joy of GNU/Linux, you can use what you want - not what someone else wants you to use. Why do people always think that “because I like it this way - the whole world should?”, why do people STILL seem to think we’re all identical? I’m at a loss here. It just goes on to confirm what I’ve been saying for ages, people are stupid and the whole world is mad (overgeneralization ofcourse).

My advice for you today is to use the software YOU want to use, and tell other people to shut up if they don’t have anything productive to say to you about it.