Eskild Hustvedt

A merry christmas..?

No, not for everyone. Some have a horrible christmas, be it problems within the family, war, illnesses or really anything.

Some people spend their christmas eve suffering. Some are at the hospital, caring for, waiting, being afraid of one of their loved ones. My thoughts go to you. Some are with their family, watching as they get drunk yet again, watching them not seem to care. My thoughts go to you aswell. Some are suffering the effects of war in some camp, perhaps not knowing which day it is. My thoughts ofcourse lead to you too. Some are sad and depressed, perhaps because of something, perhaps not knowing why. Know that someone cares! Some are afraid, feeling the pressure of anxiety, scared, help. You too, have people caring for you. Do not forget that.

I am no christian, but I still celebrate christmas. And I cincerely wish you a christmas as merry as you can get, an as happy a holiday as you can, happy new year - better than this perhaps, or just plainly that your life will be as good as is possible - no matter who you are, what you do or what you believe or don’t believe in.

There are people out there that care… We all need someone.