Eskild Hustvedt

Getting rid of Mozilla

I’m tired of mozilla stuff (wow, you didn’t know that now did you). So I’ve tried the last month to get rid of Thunderbird the last few months, I tried Evolution, but evolution was way too bloated for me, and now I tried Sylpheed Claws.

It turns out, I like Sylpheed claws (all parts except the spam filter, I’ll get to that). For instance the filtering is better, I like the GNOME/GTK integration better. It can autodetect ways to create a filter from a message. Now, spam filter, that’s tricky. It has a spamassassin plugin. That’s all fine ofcourse, the problem is that spamassassin is S L O W. It takes ages to process one mail. If you’ve got any hints on how to get this horribly slow thing to work faster PLEASE comment :P.

Anyway, right now I’ve got rid of Mozilla completely. I’ve dropped Firefox and I’ve dropped Thunderbird. Now, don’t get me wrong, they are both good and solid apps, and I don’t hesitate to recommend either one of them to other people - but they are just not right for me.

I used the tools/ script from the Sylpheed Claws CVS to convert my thunderbird mails to sylpheed claws in case anyone else wants to too.