Eskild Hustvedt

GNOME my web (the second attempt - Epiphany 1.9.8)

Last attempt didn’t go as well as I’d want. This time however, I’ve switched, and I’ve used epiphany for around 1-2 weeks now. The addressbar issue got fixed by using an extension (uh, I’ll find the URL to it later - can’t remember atm.). The search-as-you-type is still there and It appears I’m going to live with it, rather that missing than firefox’s continued crashes. The last annoyance i listed was the lack of keyword based search, If I’m lucky this will get implemented soon - but I’m still alive without it and getting used to the Epiphany search system.

Anyway, I’ve switched to Epiphany now, and I’m hoping to stick around to it, I’m getting used to it and I like it. It doesn’t have all the broken stuff that Firefox had - good riddance to bad rubbish? ducks and runs

UPDATE: The URL ot that extension is: