Eskild Hustvedt

Where is my music player?

I’m currently using amaroK. Now that’s a great player, and software HAS to be great for me to use a KDE program. Now, I have a music player, sure. The problem I have with amaroK is that it’s a KDE app. It brings along kded and dcop. That’s the bad part, kded crashes, dcop brings along alot of junk during startup that I don’t want, and it’s QT - so it doesn’t look as good as my GTK apps. KDE software is fine for KDE users, but KDE software is too bloated and such for other users. I’m still using amaroK, but I’d wish I could get something more. Now flame me, kick me, punch me - I’m still not going to say KDE sucks. I don’t like KDE, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use it. But it shouldn’t mean that I can’t be allowed to prefer GTK/GNOME apps over KDE/QT.

I’ve tried quodlibet, it might be good, but it isn’t what I want, doesn’t have the features of amaroK that I like, nor an interface as easy to use as amaroK. I like the amaroK interface.

Rhythmbox doesn’t provide the same as amaroK, it gets too much in my way.

Okay, this rant is over, don’t take it too seriously. I’m happy with amaroK, but I’d really wish there’d be a good GTK/GNOME replacement for it, but, there isn’t - at least not for me, there might be for you.