Eskild Hustvedt

Quod libet issues

Since some people seemed a bit interested in my opinions on the various music players and music managers I’ll go through a few of them - beginning with quod libet.

The initial interface looks like this: Quod libet screenshot

In my opinion its interface is less than elegant. It devotes almost the entire interface to the list of tracks available and a tiny portion to a playlist-lookalike thing called the queue. Searching the library requires a pop-up window which has to be dug out of the menu. I could not immedietly find any way to have it submit my tracks to my profile, nor did I find any way to make the player harvest album covers - not a requirement ofcourse, but it does look nice. Lyrics browser was also a bit too hidden.

Here is one screenshot of amaroK using a GTK/GNOME lookalike theme: amaroK screenshot Information about the currently playing album easily within reach and the lyrics are just a tab away. Here is the amaroK collection browser, it takes up alot less space than that of Quod Libet and is imho much more elegant and easier to use: amaroK collection browser

Now I know quod libet is suppose to be customizeable, but I couldn’t find a way to make it look this good, if you know one, don’t hesitate to comment (link a screenshot too perhaps?)

Note also that I’m a GNOME follower, which is why I want to look at the GTK and GNOME alternatives for something better or at least as good.