Eskild Hustvedt

I'm saved

I never before realized how useful it would be to have an entire operating environment inside my text editor! How useful indeed, it can even do my window management if I want to. Yes, I’m ofcourse talking about the ultimate text editor/operating environment/irc client/psychologist combo: Emacs! Today I switched to using emacs, and I haven’t looked back at that little text editor called vim, not once. Finally I don’t have to leave my text editor to check IRC! How useful. Now now, all vim fanatics, don’t rush all over me. Go try it! :)

I don’t see what all the fuss about XGL, GNOME and KDE is when we already have the ultimate operating environment and more in emacs. Due to this amazing discovery there will also be a special club-only version of Mandriva Linux 2007 called “Mandriva Emacs/Linux 2007” featuring a full Mandriva patched Linux kernel with Emacs as the default operating environment.

Edit: Yes, you should check the date before jumping to conclusions :)