Eskild Hustvedt

Day planner: a request for comments

I just recently released version 0.1 of my day planning app suitably named, well, day planner. It’s written in perl and uses the perl-gtk2 library. What I would like you (the readers of planet mandriva and/or my blog) to do is go test it. Poke it with long and small sticks, smash at it, punch it, hit it, kick it. I want the program to be as stable and usable as possible. Report bugs, report usability problems and report feature requests. I want them all, and all help is welcome.

You can find a day planner RPM in cooker or on the day planner download page (along with numerous other options).

Please read the day planner TODO list before reporting issues. It’s not that long :).

You may also be interested in reading the day planner vision.