Eskild Hustvedt

Day Planner services beta test

I’m going to start the semi-public beta test of the day planner services system now.

The day planner services system is a system for calendar synchronization. It does:

  • Synchronization of calendars on multiple locations
  • Availability of an html version of the calendar

It is integrated into day planner and needs testing.

If you want to join the test, please just contact me (by for instance commenting on this blog post). The code is naturally free, but the service will be “payed for”. Plan is something like those that donate to the project will get this service for some time. Ofcourse nothing is to stop anyone from putting up their own server but the one run by me will be on a payed-basis. Those in the beta will get it free for more time, a year or so maybe.

Need testers - contact me.