Eskild Hustvedt

Mandriva ONE usefulness dropping

With 2007.0, all I really used was Mandriva ONE for installing Mandriva on boxes. It fit on one CD and didn’t install more than the required software (ie. not five different programs that do the same thing). This time however, it seems that they have dropped localization for most of Mandriva One. There isn’t a Mandriva One GNOME with Norwegian Nynorsk on it anymore, rendering the entire idea useless, both as a live CD to allow people to try the system and as a handy installation disk. So right now I’m wondering if we’ll see a release of the good set of One disks as 2007.0 had or if that has been dropped completely.

pokes Mandriva I want my One CD :o

As a sidenote, I tried the Ubuntu Live CD too, and found Mandriva ONE GNOME superior to it, partly due to the localization.