Eskild Hustvedt

Happy birthday, Day Planner!

Today, the 19th of April, it is exactly one year since the first release of Day Planner, 0.1, was released. The first release was, as expected, pretty buggy. But it has since grown into a stable and useful program and has seen major improvements since the first release. I just recently released version 0.6 which introduced the Day Planner services calendar synchronization system and a load of usability fixes, thanks to mpt in #usability on I’m now hard at work on version 0.7, which will among other things introduce proper recurrance support for normal events.

If it’s been a while since you tried it, or if you haven’t tried it at all, go ahead and give it a download. It is available as a Mandriva Linux noarch RPM, generic .run installer and a source tarball, it also has only one single dependency except for perl and that is the gtk2 perl bindings, so it should run without having to install 20 dependencies.