Eskild Hustvedt

Day Planner update

Its been ages since I last wrote about Day Planner, so I figured it might be about time I did. I think the last time I wrote about version 0.1.2 or something along those lines. A rather buggy and incomplete release. It’s now up to 0.7.2 and rather stable, if I might say so. Some major things have happened during this time.

  • Day Planner now uses iCalendar as default format, import and export formats.
  • It supports iCalendar recurrances
  • It has a builtin calendar synchronization system
  • Loads of UI-enhancements
  • Now licensed under GPLv3
  • Complies with the XDG configuration dir spec
  • Can import data directly from various programs (such as Evolution, Gnome Calendar, Korganizer, Plan)

There are a load of other smaller refinements and fixes too, but these are the largest ones. I’m currently working on version 0.8 which will introduce rewritten daemon and notifier programs, support for multiple iCalendar files (not locally, but for instance it will be able to add HTTP subscriptions).

A bit further into the future I want to implement support for Conduit and eventually drop the builtin calendar synchronization system. I’m also planning to investigate better integration with GNOME through the use of the evolution-data-server, that recently got a proper dbus interface. It is useful to note however that Day Planner will never require e-d-s, but should be able to use it when available to provide additional integration with the desktop environment.

As a final note, I’m looking for someone to do some simple images for the Day Planner website. If I would do them myself I think I’d be arrested for crimes against mankind, I can’t do visual art. If you have the time and want to do it, please let me know, either in the comments below or through any of the means of contacting me available on my website (IM, e-mail, IRC and so on).