Eskild Hustvedt

A bunch of new stuff

I’ve finally taken the time to prepare a website for all the various programs and scripts I’ve got in use here that the world might also find some use for. The address, right now, is, though once I find some more imaginative name I’ll probably move it, but for now it’s random. Everything mentioned is either GPLv3 (most of it) or GPLv2 (some of it).

I’ll write a quick word on the various new projects, and note those that I have moved from older websites to random.

New stuff:

Audio Utils This is just a collection of scripts I’ve had in use (and had uploaded for the world to download previoulsy, but never together nor on a proper website) that assists in various audio-related tasks. These are: aac2ogg - a quick and dirty aac to ogg converter, using mplayer, faad and oggenc wma2ogg - the same for wma, using mplayer and oggenc reencode - a quick and dirty bash script that lets you re-encode an mp3 file to another bitrate. Useful for clearing up space on “mp3 players”, especially if you’re into audio-books, which can often have their bitrates drastically reduced and still be in a fairly decent quality.

GRandomWallpaper This is a wallpaper randomizer for GNOME/Nautilus. It takes a list of wallpapers (a directory) and selects a random one. This can be done on a timer, or just once. It keeps a hitlist for how many times a wallpaper has been shown, and is more likely to pick those that have not been shown as often. It also lets you ban wallpapers, which will cause it to always ignore the wallpaper in question.

LatexB This is a quick script that assists in building LaTeX files. It can call latex or pdflatex, automatically spawn xdvi(k) or evince after building, and detect bibtex. It’s merely a utility script so that I can do “latexb file.tex” to build the LaTeX file properly in one go (it calls latex multiple times to ensure that everything is referenced properly).

MonitorGrowth This is a simple perl program that lets you monitor how fast a file is growing, displays information similar to that of download utilities like wget.

mussort This program sorts your music collection. It puts them into nice directories (artist/album) and renames the files, so that everything is consistent. It can also let you delete dupes. It works on MP3, and OGG Vorbis-files.

SPGal This is my first python project. It builds a static XHTML-gallery from a set of images. It can work as a drop-in replacement of iGal and jGal.

Old stuff, new website:

MagicPO This is a program that helps you translate PO-files from one similar language to another. Right now it can do automatic translation of for instance Norwegian Bokmal to Norwegian Nynorsk (you only have to read through them afterwards).

PDFtoPNG This is a quick program that lets you convert PDFs into a set of PNG files. It can also build HTML-files to go with the PNGs, for easy reading in a browser.

SLX-Dict This is a simple command-line program that lets you look up words in the Norwegian computer translation dictionary. It’s useful if you don’t want to open firefox and search for words there all the time.

SSHMan SSHMan is a simple ssh agent helper, along the lines of keychain. It does persistant management of ssh agents, will only ever prompt you for adding keys to the agent once, does not slow down logging into X and does not start when you’re logging in via ssh.