Eskild Hustvedt

jqsimple-class 0.1.1

Last week I released version 0.1.1 of jQsimple-class. The main addition in this version is support for using jQsimple-class in CommonJS environments, such as node.js. All one has to do is place the CommonJS build of jqsimple-class somewhere in the include path and then do: var jClass = require(‘jqsimple-class’).jClass; From there on out the API is the same as the browser one. The CommonJS build also has the same testsuite as the normal build, and passes all of the tests.

Outside of that, the standalone build has been stripped down to the bare necessities, shrinking the minified standalone build of jQsimple-class from 10KiB to 3KiB (the version that uses jQuery is just 1.5KiB).