Eskild Hustvedt

wwine 0.2 released

I’ve just released wwine 0.2. It adds support for the new Crossover 11.0 release, which changes some of the paths and needs a bit of additional magic to use. It also has some improvements to the wrapper scripts it generates, primarily through a new and more robust metadata header.

The most interesting new feature however, is the addition of the \–env and \–tricks parameters. \–env causes wwine to set the WINE and WINEPREFIX variables to the syntax used by vanilla wine, this allows various wine scripts that use those to be able to run using wwine’s bottles, as well as with crossover. The most interesting use of this is the ability to use winetricks with Crossover. This effectively lets you use Crossover as any other wine release, while still using Crossover’s bottles. So if you have winetricks and Crossover installed, you need only run wwine -w cx -b BOTTLE --tricks ACTION to use winetricks with Crossover.