Eskild Hustvedt

Announcing gpgpwd

I’ve just released gpgpwd. It is a simple password manager for people that live on the command-line. It stores a list of passwords in a GnuPG encrypted file, which it then provides an interface for retrieving, adding, changing and removing entries from.

The basics are simple: gpgpwd set X sets the entry for X in the file. The password is not accepted on the command-line, but will be requested interactively to avoid it showing up in ps. gpgpwd will provide you with a randomly generated password that you can use, or you can provide your own. gpgpwd get X retrieves the entry for X (and copies it to the X11 clipboard unless --no-xclip is supplied) - this command takes a regex, so you don’t have to type out the entire name each time. Finally gpgpwd remove X removes the entry for X.

In addition to these basic commands it also has a few extra features to make life a bit more convenient, the main one being git support. You can tell gpgpwd that your password file is inside git, which will make gpgpwd git pull before reading the file, and git commit+git push after writing to it, allowing you to easily synchronize your password between several computers. It also has a command that will let you batch add passwords from a file, if you’re importing passwords you already have stored.

You can grab it from its website, where you can also read the full manpage. If you give it a go and have some feedback, I’d love to hear from you - either in the comments here, via e-mail, IRC or through the github issue tracker for gpgpwd.