Eskild Hustvedt

wwine 0.3

Just released wwine version 0.3. wwine is wine wrapper that wraps wine, Crossover etc. into a single unified interface, with full bottle support. This version contains several improvements compared to 0.2. It adds additional information to the output of the --kill and --drykill commands. These now lists the bottle and wine flavour the process belongs to when used under Linux. It’s also now possible to combine --kill or --drykill with --wine and/or --bottle, allowing targeted kills of only a single bottle instead of all running processes.

This version also introduces support for wine packages installed via PlayOnLinux. PlayOnLinux supplies many prebuilt wine-packages, easing wine installation and allowing several to be installed side-by-side. wwine reads from the list of installed PlayOnLinux wine packages and adds those to the list of available –wine versions. It also adds support for using PlayOnLinux bottles, so wwine may be used on games and software installed through PlayOnLinux. Users may now use wwine --list to list available wine versions.

Lastly several minor tweaks were made. Including improved support for GameTree Linux, the addition of --cxg-installdir (which compliments the existing --cxinstalldir). A crash that could occur when --wrap was combined with --wine wine without also supplying a --bottle was fixed, and the deprecated parameter --env-bottle was removed.

It is available for download from the wwine website.