Eskild Hustvedt


I finally finished the nexuiz package! Got Michael to do a patch for it that makes it compile properly and split it into 4 subpackages (one nexuiz, nexuiz-glx, nexuiz-sdl and nexuiz-data). Now it’s time for me to have a break!

Aand I'm done!

I just finished the last bit of “real” school work this year! Well…that is, I might still have to do an oral exam, I get to know about that on Monday, however since I’ve already had written exams in Math I can’t come up in oral Math and theres only one other class I can come up in, buut that won’t happen will it? Nope…ehe… Well, with my luck it will but I’ve still got a hope that it won’t since it’s only a really small chance I will :o

gmDB CVS and more

I’ve committed a (perhaps a bit buggy) version of gmDB to CVS, and updated the goldenfiles project webpage with information about it. It even has a screenshot. I don’t know if it’s still a good thing that when I need some piece of software I end up spending alot more time writing one (or in this case modifying one) than I would have just having it manually. In this case I’ve got a OOo Calc document with the members right now that gets the job done. Oh well.

In other news I’ve fixed my RSS feed now, so those reading on planet Mandriva will get the entire text instead of […] (at least that’s what I’m hoping for :P).

New job :D

Last week I got a reply on a job I applied for, I got it :). The job is as a translator of OpenOffice.Org to Norwegian bokmål. I’m going to Oslo next week to attend a meeting before I start. I am one of two new translators (where the other one translates to Norwegian Nynorsk I believe). I’ve got it for two months this summer and if their budget allows it then it will be longer. Wohoo hehe.

Fork it!

Gmbase is a simple members database written in C that uses GTK. It looks useful for small organizations, such as the local LUG I’m currently the leader of. However it lacked a few small functions, namely support for phone and e-mail entries. I mailed the original author about it, but he told me that he doesn’t develop it at all anymore and that if I want any added functionality I’ll hav to do it myself. Fair enough, only one problem…I don’t know that much C. I’ve done hello world ofcourse, but not too much other than that. Still, I thought I could at least give it a go and after alot of fiddling with it I actually managed to implement something new. So now I’ve forked gmbase and I’m calling it gmDB. I’ll release a alpha soon (calling it alpha since I don’t really know the programming language and then might need a bit of extra time for QA :P).

Blog :o

I’ve uhm, installed this blog, and thats about it for now :o.